Friday, December 20, 2013

How My Daughter Learned the Truth About Santa

My Grace is in-the-know about Santa. She asked me last month if Santa was real and I gave her the line, "If you don't believe then he will quit bringing you gifts." Then, I said a silent prayer and hoped that she would buy it, but her quest only intensified. She asked again, "Mom, I just want to know the truth?" The truth, I couldn't tell her. I told her to go down the hall and ask her dad because I knew Scott would be braver than I. After a long time she came back in tears. She sat on my lap and cried. "I can't believe, I believed it," she finally said. I told her not to feel bad, we all believed at one point.

Later this week, she said a student in her class threw a glue stick at her, hitting her in the forehead when she said she did not believe Santa was real. I explained, that he still wanted to believe and was angry when something contradicted his belief. She said, "Yeah, so I just told him I did believe." I told her never to compromise her beliefs to please someone else, even when those beliefs make them angry. It's a hard lesson to learn.

This might be the most depressing Christmas post ever! Merry Christmas anyway!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Sunshine

I have made my own version of the Hello Sunshine sign that I have been stalking on Pinterest. It needs a little more sanding to give it a weathered look but, I am happy with it. It makes me smile. And who doesn't need a smile?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

As You Save, So Will You Prosper, World Bank

I have a small globe collection, it is growing slowly. Yesterday, Scott brought this antique world bank home. He is thoughtful, in the gift giving kind of way.
Has the whole world in his hands.
Finding her place in the world.

"We are what we think. All that we are, arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." - Buddha

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well we haven't been camping, but we have been on two day hikes. We went to Hidden Falls and then to Grouse Falls this week.
Hidden Falls was far better for the kids. It was a shorter ride and a longer hike.
Grouse Falls was out in the bush! I was worried a bear might get us. The road kept getting smaller and smaller until the trees were scraping the car and we were driving through snow.
We are going to Lake Clementine next...or so Scott has planned. It has taken me until my adulthood to realize that I thoroughly enjoy nature and the outdoors. It has a replenishing effect on me.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break

I have dropped off the face of blog world. Does anyone still blog these days? Facebook or Pinterest is the new currency of self-expression. Although, I am on both of those sites I find my little blog more of a home...and that may be, because I'm pretty sure NO ONE reads this thing. Myself included.

Both kids are officially off for Spring break. They have been biking and tenting in the backyard when it isn't raining. I planted my annuals and most of my wine barrel garden. I have a set of three inch tomato plants set to be planted on my window sill.

I've been sick for the past couple weeks. Hacking a lung is never fun. I'm rarely sick. I am surprised it's hung on for so long. I started taking garlic pills per suggestion of a friend. I'm desperate. Being sick is NOT my thing. Some people love the attention and time to lounge. I just find it tiring.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a short camping trip this next week. It's always nice to get out of town for a night or two. We just started camping as a family. My parents never took us when I was a kid. Well, unless you count the summer we lived in tents when we moved to Alaska...then I guess, we went for one long camping trip. So, I'm hoping for a quick trip. We will see, if the rain stops then it just might happen. I'm looking forward to s'mores and tinfoil me crazy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ball Perfect Mason

I hit the mother load this past Saturday with my sister Amber. We have both been canning and searching for cheap canning jars. While out hitting the local garage sales, I would give my little shtick and ask, "Do you have any canning jars you'd be willing to sale?" I'd either hear they sold some earlier in the morning or those are too valuable to sale. Until, we went to Dave's house and as we were leaving Amber said, "So, are you going ask?"

Dave was having a long conversation with someone and so I finally got up my nerve, butted in and asked if he had any jars. And he said he did, in the garage. He explained he was going to put them out the following weekend for another garage sale. Inside he had shelves and shelves of jars. Some were old mayo jars and we skipped over those. In all, I got 35 Kerr/Ball jars for 28 cents a jar! A couple still had the sticker on the side from when they were last canned in 1979.

Anyone that preserves knows you have to replenish your jars often due to giving away your pears or whatnot to friends and family. So, I was happy to find them. After washing thirty years of dust away and sterilizing them, they look pretty good.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you believe...

I have been living on faith and caffeine. These two things go hand-n-hand right? The caffeine carries me thru when my faith wanes. I am a spiritual being having a human experience and a bubbly soda just makes me happy.

I've received a gift recently. A miracle, if you will. Do you believe in such a thing anymore? I do. What is needed for a miracle? Faith and an immeasurable amount of prayers. Or at least, thats what I've found.

But as with most things, there has been a give and take. One stress replaced by another. One door opened, one closed. I can now move in faith, because for so long I was stuck in fear.

"...My actions demonstrate my willingness to be helped. And time after time, the help I need is given to me."